Living the dog days of summer, literally -

08 Aug 2015 
Graham and Kelly, golden retrievers

Roderiques fulfilled many with the dogs she photographed through her portrait business, where clients frequently brought their dogs alongside to pose for your family photo.

Sailor, Welsh terrier

Photo courtesy regarding Kim Roderiques

Logan and Devon, golden retrievers

Kim Roderiques, that says the woman's absolute passion can be dogs, captured your spirit associated with 205 different dogs experiencing their moment at the Cape in their book, Dogs in Cape Cod

. The Girl rescued each of them, and also loves to learn your stories powering every dog she meets along with photographs. Ruby and also George, Irish setters

Bella, goldendoodle

Heidi along with Kota Bear, Australian shepherds

Ruby along with George, Irish setters

Roderiques got the inspiration pertaining to the book when the woman's pals brought their puppy for the Cape via Arizona.

Bella, goldendoodle

Photo courtesy involving Kim Roderiques

Fenway, silky terrier, and Monomoy, Yorkshire terrier

Taffy, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

Photo courtesy Kim Roderiques

Photo courtesy regarding Kim Roderiques

Photo courtesy of Kim Roderiques

Eloise, Maltipoo

Photo courtesy regarding Kim Roderiques.

"When referring in order to dogs, people are therefore open up and so proud for you to let anyone know anything along with every little thing with regards to their dog," Roderiques said. That They draw out another thing which very small else does."

Logan and Devon, golden retrievers

"It just type of made me feel in what dogs notice for that first time and your way that they react," she told "That's what dogs do. "I realized how obsessed I has been using the dogs."

Stormy, dalmatian

Heidi along with Kota Bear, Australian shepherds

Eloise, Maltipoo

Elsa along with Greta, wire-haired dachshunds

Photo courtesy involving Kim Roderiques

Elsa and also Greta, wire-haired dachshunds

Taffy, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

The Particular dog days need not end with summer in Cape Cod.

Photo courtesy regarding Kim Roderiques

Roderiques, who has lived about Cape Cod with regard to 40 years, owns 2 dogs herself: the black lab mix named Rooney, 11, plus a yellow lab named Hank, 10. The Lady watched as your new puppy experienced every thing about the beach for your very first time--the sand, your ocean's waves, your birds in the sky--with pure wonder as well as joy. Through clumsily playing inside the sand for you to surveying the particular dunes majestically, the photos display what life's similar to with regard to these furry, four-legged pets.

Sailor, Welsh terrier

Photo courtesy associated with Kim Roderiques

Photo courtesy of Kim Roderiques

Graham along with Kelly, golden retrievers

Stormy, dalmatian

Fenway, silky terrier, as well as Monomoy, Yorkshire terrier

Photo courtesy involving Kim Roderiques

"They would say, 'We don't have got to have your new puppy in every picture.' 'Yes, we do,'" she would answer

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How Iran Used WikiLeaks to Attack a Human Rights Defender - Global Voices Online

04 Aug 2015 
human legal rights mechanisms for the last decade."

"My work, such as the perform regarding my predecessors, can be according to research. UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré. Shaheed, whom may be recognized internationally like a principled and scrupulous champion regarding human rights, thanked WikiLeaks pertaining to clarifying along with calling focus towards the fact that these reviews hadn't been authenticated.

In 2012, Javad Larijani claimed Dr.

"This declare will be preposterous in support of serves for you to distract in the task at hand--addressing your significant human legal rights problems facing the nation today," Dr. Shaheed had received bribes. 16 March 2015. Shaheed.. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0" width="800" height="533"/>Ahmed Shaheed, Unique Rapporteur around the human rights scenario in the Islamic Republic regarding Iran, presents his document in the 28th Session in the Human rights Council, March 16, 2015. (To view a screenshot with the removed web page click here.)

While Iranian officials continue his or her efforts to end up being able to discredit Dr. Shaheed stated throughout a occupation interview using the International Marketing Campaign with regard to Human Legal Rights inside Iran.

The authenticity of the document continues to be directly questioned simply by WikiLeaks, your well-known web site that will publishes secret info through anonymous sources. Shaheed in the statement published in July 15, 2015.

Through his own Twitter account Dr. Since such it has renewed his mandate each single year.

The most recent allegations

Iranian officials get furthermore moved beyond their own vilification involving Shaheed to end up being able to trash the broader human rights mechanisms at the UN as well as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon himself.

In 2014 Javad Larijani, who's Sadegh Amoli Larijani's brother, called Ahmed Shaheed "a wicked fool," along with stated "human rights defender" is another name for terrorist.

Iran's human legal rights chief features not merely attacked Shaheed; he provides repeatedly equated just about all human rights defenders along with terrorists, generating specific reference to the internationally respected human legal rights lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani, which continues to always be able to be imprisoned within Iran since 2011 pertaining to defending free regarding charge speech and additionally the proper for you to relaxing dissent.

In remarks in November 22, 2011, Javad Larijani stated that [human rights] reviews by Ban Ki-moon's office were the reiteration involving viewpoints associated with "terrorist groups and also organizations that will oppose the particular Islamic Republic", along with in which Iran has been "extremely concerned" about the shortcomings with the united Nations beneath the actual leadership involving Ban Ki-moon.

Iranian state media outlets which have participated within the present uncorroborated allegations against Dr. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This pattern involving attempted defamation as well as discrediting is not restricted to the Larijani brothers: during a 2014 meeting inside the capital associated with scotland- Mashhad, Iran's Justice Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi also claimed that your Unique Rapporteur had been "corrupt."

"Allegations to discredit me do not really alter the [Islamic Republic regarding Iran's] record documented through the UN Secretary General along with raised from the U.N. A Person don't hyperlink to certainly 1 of our cables in the article."

The supposed "bribery" allegations are not new either. in March 2013, Javad Larijani accused the actual Unique Rapporteur involving using bribes in the US State Department, an allegation which was later on proved being entirely unfounded.

Since becoming appointed since the UN's human rights point-man for Iran inside 2011, Shaheed has been refused entry into Iran, and his awesome annual reports, detailing widespread legal rights abuses, are already described by simply Sadegh Amoli Larijani, Head of the Iranian Judiciary, as "lies" and furthermore by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Marzieh Afkham of "lacking validity."

Iran's problem with human legal rights defenders

State information agencies inside Iran tend to be wanting to discredit Ahmed Shaheed, the UN special Rapporteur for human legal rights inside Iran, through any story based on an alleged WikiLeaks document.

Ahmed Shaheed,  special Rapporteur around the human legal rights scenario inside the Islamic Republic involving Iran, present's his document with a your 28th Session in the Human rights Council. Larijani's vitriol ended up being so competent that the president in the session felt obliged in order to remind Larijani not to personally attack the particular Rapporteur throughout his remarks.<br><br>Iran's many attempts to become able to discredit Shaheed<br><br>
This latest attack comes shortly following your Unique Rapporteur referred to as upon Iran's President Hassan Rouhani in order to pay much more attention to the country's human legal rights circumstance now that the Islamic Republic and also globe powers get arrive at a partnership about the nuclear issue.

"Executions are using location at an alarming rate.  Women's rights still face significant challenges. and also Israel in support associated with "mostly people who get completed terrorist organizations below the guise associated with human legal rights defenders."

This isn't the first moment a round regarding questionable allegations have targeted Dr. My perform presents interviews along with hundreds of individuals, inside and also outside Iran, which declare that their rights were violated, as well as my function presents the investigation undertaken by simply dozens regarding internationally recognized human rights organizations," Dr. Shaheed and some other human legal rights defender which attempts to carry the Iranian government accountable with regard to its rights violations, your international neighborhood features maintained strong support for the particular Unique Rapporteur, noting his fair along with meticulous perform and also invaluable contribution towards the exposure associated with human rights abuses within Iran. Hundreds regarding individuals will always be in detention regarding issues that they wrote, said, or posted around the Internet.  and the actual Baha'i leadership stay in prison for his or her religious beliefs," the actual UN Unique Rapporteur continued.

In response to some query about these allegations by means of a reporter via ISNA (the Iranian Students news Agency) in July 29, 2015, Mohammad Javad Larijani, Head with the Iranian Judiciary's Human rights Council, repeated the unsubstantiated declare that Dr. However, inside hrs in the remarks becoming posted on ISNA's and the Fars Information Agency's websites, the link for the interview has been removed. UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré. Shaheed had been becoming fed false details simply by "terrorist groups" as well as by the U.S. This presents laws, government statements, too as info extracted from government web sites and reports. Inside any tweet WikiLeaks wrote: "Please display which usually cable this claim is based on. Shaheed include the Mehr information agency, which usually can always be a branch with the state-owned Islamic Marketing Organization, as well as the Hemayat newspaper, which can easily be run and controlled by the Judiciary's media arm.

Iran's media claims in which any WikiLeaks document proves the Unique Rapporteur received a million dollars coming from Saudi Arabia inturn with regard to promising stronger criticism in the Iranian government within his annual studies on the state associated with human legal rights inside Iran.

He stated: "Those who're referred in order to as 'human rights defenders' these days, tend to be soiled with terrorist acts along with contact on their own human legal rights defenders...when you hear the particular identify 'human rights defender,' these are individuals which commit terrorist acts."

The present allegations appear to become a ramped-up effort simply by hardliners in order to pre-empt any kind of increased strain on Iran -- via both inside or even away from nation -- to deal with the particular country's egregious rights record.

In 2013, during a session of the Un Human rights Council, Javad Larijani accused the particular special Rapporteur regarding "relying in biased sources" and also working with "a notorious terrorist group" to become able to compile his reports

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PECHANGA: Fox show 'Laughs' will return to the Comedy Club - Press-Enterprise

04 Aug 2015 
PECHANGA: Fox show 'Laughs' will return to the Comedy Club

Comic Taquita Love performs during a filming for "Laughs" at The Comedy Club at Pechaga Resort & Casino.


If you go

When: 8 p.m. Aug. 6 and 25; Sept. 17; Oct. 15; Nov. 3 and 19; Dec. 17.

Where: The Comedy Club at Pechanga Resort & Casino, 45000 Pechanga Parkway, Temecula.

Admission: $15, but free when tickets are ordered in advance online. 21 and older only.

Information: 951-693-1819. For free tickets visit, click on the date you wish to attend and enter promotional code NEWLAUGHS.

The Comedy Club at Pechanga Resort & Casino will get some more time on the silver screen when the stand-up comedy show "Laughs" returns to the venue to film for its second season.

The tapings are free to the public - when tickets are ordered online ahead of the dates - and kick off Thursday, Aug. 6, and run through Dec. 17.

Conducted in a quick rotation style, about 10 comics hit the stage for approximately five minutes each as the cameras roll, capturing their routines and the audience's laughter.

Comedians - some are already touring but many are new to the business - deliver their routines, and then producers cull the best one or two minutes of each act and weave the segments together into a 30-minute program.

The idea behind the rapid fire-style format is to allow viewers to get a taste for several comics and discover new talent.

Steve Hofstetter, who produced the first season and is now a consultant on the show, said in an interview during a first season taping that the way the show is set up allows comics to shine and likely takes the pressure off as they know only their best material will be aired.

Last season's comics appearing at the Pechanga included a nurse, an engineer and a college student, Temecula resident Taylor Tomlinson.

Due to her success on the show, Tomlinson put college on hold and moved onto a full-time career as a touring comedian.

A favorite among audiences and viewers, Tomlinson guest hosted a few shows in season one and is slated to host 20 shows this time around. She also landed a slot on this season's hit reality show "Last Comic Standing."

The shows begin airing on FOX 11 (KTTV) and My 13 (KCOP) at midnight on Aug. 22 and will run Saturday nights through January 2016.

Contact the writer:, 951-368-9457
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After car hack, Internet of Things looks riskier - BetaBoston

03 Aug 2015 
"Just how do I make sure I'm the only one using this? Just how do I know there aren't crooks striking it?".

Something similar occurred with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system, which had not been initially developed with Web safety in mind. It was established decades before automobiles were linked to the Net as well as does not have attributes to block malware programs or decline commands from unauthorized trespassers.

The complying with week, computer safety scientist Samy Kamkar exposed that he had hacked the OnStar communications system discovered in many General Motors vehicles. As a reporter for the innovation journal Wired rested helpless in the driver's seat, Miller as well as Valasek switched on the windscreen wipers, transformed the radio and air conditioning up full blast, and also disengaged the auto's transmission to make the vehicle undriveable-- all from Miller's basement, 10 miles away.

Any of these devices, as well as several even more, might be ripe targets for online vandals or lawbreakers.

For circumstances, "if you could reverse engineer a vehicle parking meter, you can infuse untrue information to ensure that everybody in the city thinks that there are no garage available," Srinivasan stated.

"I believe it is a seminal minute," stated Paddy Srinivasan, vice head of state at LogMeIn Inc., a Boston firm in the leading edge of building the "Internet of Points," the continuous effort to tie home appliances and virtually every little thing else to the Internet. Virtually all autos utilize a networking technology called the "controller area network bus," or CAN bus, created by the German auto components maker Robert Bosch GmbH in the 1980s. By connecting a little Wi-Fi receiver to a car, Kamkar could remotely find out the car's place, unlock its doors, or start its engine...

The hacking of the Jeep was unusually frightening, but lots of other networked gadgets can be tormented by similar susceptabilities. Just like the hacked Jeep, it might take some prominent cyberattacks to reveal just how prone they are.

Hiawatha Bray can be gotten to at The partnership, he said, is producing a new program for sharing as well as assessing info on electronic safety risks.

" [With] any of these points in the Web of Things, the considerations coincide," stated Rob Sadowski, director of innovation solutions at RSA, the digital security firm owned by the Hopkinton information storage large EMC Corp. Additionally, every direction has to consist of an encrypted electronic signature to prove it originated from a licensed resource.

"Cybersecurity is an outright leading priority for automakers," stated Wade Newton, a spokesperson for the Partnership of Automobile Manufacturers, a profession group representing the world's largest auto makers.

But Kathleen Fisher, a computer system scientific research teacher at Tufts University, alerted that automotive computer system networks are naturally weak and challenging to safeguard. "I believe we do need a rallying cry like that," he stated. So in 2002, Microsoft halted all new growth on Windows and also invested two months dealing with protection bugs as well as training its software designers ways to write safer code. "Many of the developers are possibly thinking attributes initially, protection secondly. Just what we really have to do is inform the developers and also the individuals regarding the possible threats.".

Fisher claimed it will take years and also price millions to create more safe and secure automobile networking systems, and no company will certainly do this unless its competitors do the same.

Last month's discovery that hackers could from another location take possession of control of over a million Chrysler vehicles has provided a raw caution that life in an ultra-networked globe could possibly be quite risky, definitely.

Srinivasan said the low-priced chips made use of in many Net of Points devices do not have integrated protection features, such as hard-wired security, that could minimize the risk of assault. So these systems are just as protected as the software program running on them, and illicit code injected by a trespasser might create major issues.

Yet it is uncertain whether Xively will work as marketed. General Motors said it has issued a solution that will certainly solve the issue.

She favors legislation just recently introduced by US Senator Edward J. Rather, a Xively chip obtains its guidelines just by frequently examining a certain Web address. Numerous individuals are installing Internet-connected thermostats, front doors that could be unlocked from a thousand miles away, or safety and security electronic cameras that beam real-time pictures to a homeowner's phone. At the turn of the 21st century, a series of Web malware programs like SQL Penitentiary, Blaster, and Code Red contaminated millions of Windows computers worldwide. The assaults endangered Microsoft's credibility and also its earnings. "These new tools require a fresh strategy and also a brand-new method of considering safety and security, and that is the missing item.".

Sadowski claimed he believes that Internet of Things designers would certainly take advantage of the very same kind of situation mindset. Louis. "The CONTAINER bus is hopelessly troubled," Fisher stated. As well as there are lots of more Internet of Points systems that are just currently being extensively deployed. The effort paid off; while still imperfect, newer versions of Windows are far harder to crack.

Within days, Chrysler's moms and dad business, FCA US LLC, recalled 1.4 million vehicles that were susceptible to the exact same kind of Internet assault.

Boston as well as various other cities are setting up networked auto parking meters that could direct vehicle drivers to unused garage.

At the end of July, two network designers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, used an Internet-connected computer system to take control of a Chrysler Jeep Cherokee driving down a freeway in St. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, that would set information safety and also personal privacy specifications for all cars sold in the Usa.

LogMeIn's Web of Things system, Xively, seeks to avoid such strikes by overlooking all incoming messages. Follow him on Twitter @GlobeTechLab.

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Journeyman Plumber Jobs On

02 Apr 2015 

A plumbing contractor is actually a tradesperson that focuses on mounting and also sustaining units utilized for potable (drinking) hydro, sewage, as well as drain in plumbing related systems. The plumber needs to likewise normally place a number of loopholes of tape around completion of the piping right before continuing to wrap every one of the threads, overlapping half the tape's width each time.

When attaching new pipelines to your boiling water heater, make certain to wait until the heating unit gets on and also full of water just before switching this on. Not taking the extra time can promptly trigger a telephone call to the emergency situation plumber.

There are urgent plumbing technician many alternatives yet perhaps 1 of the finest stems from our modern colleague, the internet. Because starting in late February of 2010, The Green Plumbing technician of Austin has actually made it possible for clients to preserve over 300,000 gallons of water. If you require a plumbing contractor in Brighton, Boulder, Aurora, Longmont, Littleton, Englewood, Lakewood or Westminster please provide us a telephone call! If you are actually using a snake that you feed this though a machine there certainly ought to be actually a reverse change.
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